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News of Innovations at Hala Stulecia

By Grace Sexton

/26.01.2012/ I met with some of the team at Hala Stulecia (Centennial Hall) to find out what lies in store for us in the new year at this important cultural and architectural landmark in Wrocław.
I discovered that very ambitious plans are afoot to put Hala Stulecia on the map of Europe as a Congress and Trade Centre. Already, the hall and centre can accommodate 10,000 people standing and by 2014 this number will change to 14,000 seated. Next year, with the help of hydraulic walls and flooring, the venue will seat 10,000 people for that very popular sport in Poland, volleyball. Work has been completed on replacing all the electrics and plumbing and what we now have is a ‘new old building’.
The energetic, forward-thinking captain at the helm of this ship is Bartłomeij Andrusiewicz. He and his team work for Wrocław Municipality and the work they undertake forms part of the bigger picture plans that are underway for Wrocław as a whole in the coming years.
Like any public entity, funds are limited and it is critical that good business and management skills are used to make this historic venue profitable. Two new public private partnership ventures are being drawn up, an underground car park with capacity for 800 cars and a hotel to cope with the tourists and business visitors who will want to visit this amazing space.
It used to be called Hala Ludowa, Hall of the People. In fact, the name still applies in many ways. If you visit Hala Stulecia on different days and times you will find a very different atmosphere, but above all, people strolling around enjoying the many facets of the space, including exhibitions, concerts, conferences, sporting events, films, visits to the zoo or Japanese gardens next door, or just to sit quietly by the fountain. Of course, the fountain is closed for winter, but grab your skates, it is now an ice rink. In February, we can look forward to an exhibition which maps the history of the hall since 1913 using the latest technology.

The new President of Hala Stulecia/Centennial Hall, Bartłomeij Andrusiewicz, who took over the job in September

Hala Stulecia/Centennial Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage site and draws Wrocławians for fun and relaxation.

Wrocław Fountain comes to life with lights, music and fireworks.

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